Cogeneration of energy

One of the challenges that face todays’ organizations is the efficient use of energy. Since the cost of electricity is rising, it is mandatory to look for other forms of power generation, such as Clean Energy Cogeneration.

Our offer of Microturbines Generators powered by gas, is an excellent choice of clean energy, environment friendly, and with lower cost of maintenance than diesel generators since our gas generators don’t require coolers, oil, or other lubricants for their operation. Besides our gas generators comply with several certifications such as LEED and CHP among others.

This equipment is fully deductible from taxes and provides a constant flow of stable energy which helps to take care of electrical equipment. It also provides heat and water vapor if necessary, and also could be use in dual mode with the power grid of CFE.

Describing a solution implemented

The use of Microturbines Generators powered by gas at hotels has some benefits such as:

  • Power supply for electrical equipment and facilities
  • Heat for pools and guest rooms installations
  • Water vapor for laundry
  • Power supply for refrigeration systems

The ROI of the projects at this sector using Microturbines Generators powered by gas is 36 to 48 months.